What Is Atlantic City Rescue Mission?

Atlantic City Rescue Mission offers homeless shelter services in Northfield, NJ

Atlantic City Rescue Mission (ACRM) was founded by John Fink in 1964 with the aim of providing hot food and shelter to the homeless in Atlantic City. In the years since, ACRM has expanded and now serves 25% of New Jersey's homeless population. Today, ACRM offers a wide array of programs and homeless shelter services to help the working poor and homeless people of New Jersey.

Through homeless shelter donations and contributions, we've funded daily meals for the local community. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for those staying at the shelter, as well as breakfast and dinner for anyone not staying at the shelter who may need a meal.

Giving back through life-changing experiences

ACRM is a Christian nonprofit that employs 50 people to provide homeless shelter services and care for the homeless population of Atlantic City and the surrounding area. Homeless shelter donations of clothing are accepted and appreciated at ACRM.

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